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"Keeping your crew happy
across Colorado".


Le Grand Craft works hard to keep your mind at ease.

In Action


We cater to any diet restrictions. Just ask.


More than simply having a few vegetable and fruit platters on set. We create exciting, festive, and nutritious vegetarian alternatives.


We are very familiar with the vegan lifestyle. We can get your crew satisfied on their chosen culinary footing.


We find suitable gluten free options for your set/location menu. Ultimately, we want all of your crew to find something that they can fully enjoy.

Nut Free

We make things easier for people with allergies by making sure we have no instances of cross contamination and by catering to their particularly dietary restrictions.

“Remember, at Le Grand Craft, cooking is love made visible.”

Hire us!


Over 10 years in the film business.


Located in Denver, we offer delicious, healthy, creative, made from scratch craft services that will be tailored to fit your needs. Years of experience has taught us what crew like and need best for the unexpected days here in the Rockies.

Le Grand Craft has been in business since 2006 and we are ready for any type of commercial and terrane, studio days to car commercials. We understand you have work to do and we make sure it gets done by providing hot and cold passes to insure everyone all the crew is taken care of in any kind of weather.


We're here again to answer any questions you may have.


+303 433 3764